Laboratoires Osma Styptic Pencil

Osma laboratoires is the owner of CE 0459 for the production of hemostatic pencils. This CE mark is tangible proof of the quality and assurance of compliance with European legislation regarding the production of hemostatic products.


  • Reduce irritation post-shave
  • Helps stop bleeding from minor nicks and cuts
  • Dampen the nib and dab onto affected area
  • Can used to relive irritation from insect bites
  • Rinse and dry after each use 

Ingredients: Potassium Alum

Weight: 0.45oz (12g)
Manufactured in France

Col. Conk Styptic Pencil

Okay, it happens.

You’re in a rush, or you try to squeeze one last shave out of an edge you knew you were lucky with that last time, and BAM – it’s a not-so-surprise visit from your old Uncle Nick!

This time, instead of reacting on impulse, reach for the Col Conk Styptic Pencil.

It’s not only more sanitary, it’s formulated specially to deal with bleeding.

Our Styptic Pencil is anti-hemorraghic – a technical way to say that its active ingredients seal the blood vessels by causing tissues to contract.

Best of all, it works – and quickly.

Much better than having those telltale tiny squares of you know what to stick and dry on your face.

Weight 0.2 oz (5 g) 
Made in England

Edwin Jagger Styptic Pencil

An easy-to-use pencil that stops bleeding from nicks caused by shaving, and also works as an antiseptic to clean the wound.

Just wet the pencil and apply to face, and traces of shaving nicks will disappear.

Weight: 0.42oz./12g