Omega 206N – Razor and Shaving Brush Stand – Gunmetal Black, Height 69 Mm


Bold and valorous, this Gunmetal Stand for Safety Razor & Shaving Brush is charming enough to capture anyone’s eye. Omega is the leading expert with an extensive heritage that combines vintage craftsmanship with contemporary mechanics.

Key Features:

  • Compact and stylish shaving stand made of stainless steel.
  • Matte gunmetal finish.
  • Universal Size, designed to hold both badger brush & razor.
  • Built at an angle that allows your brushes to dry quickly.
  • Keeps your razors accessible.
  • Securely holds safety razor and shaving brush.
  • Size: 69 mm / 2.71 inches.

Manufactured in Italy.

Shaving Brush & Double Edge Safety Razor Stand

This universal stand is designed to accommodate a brush, razor, and blade cartridge

This is a excellent device for maintaining, displaying, and organizing the most wonderful shaving tools used on a daily basis. 

The stand holds a razor and brush, making it ideal for additional purchases or customizing gift sets. 

Shaving Brush Stand

This Chrome Shaving Brush Stand is made to fit diverse brush sizes. Infused with a sparkling appearance, your brush will be elevated to minimalist royalty. Accessible in an instant, this stand is made from durable metal so that your brush can be taken in an instant.

Curved Straight Razor Stand

The curved straight razor stand is designed specifically to hold any straight razor and is incredibly easy to sell with one.

The benefits of a razor stand are endless, though the most prominent reasons for owning one is to keep the blade accessible and in excellent condition.

It also displays straight razors proudly, making them adaptable to all businesses or homes.

E-Shave Razor & Brush Stand Nickel SZ:T

E-Shave Shaving Stands are the ideal way to display and maintain both your E-Shave Shaving Brush and E-Shave Razor. The classic silhouette of the T Shaving Stand with its two arms stand at different heights is designed to hold both your E-Shave Razor and Shaving Brush while displaying their beauty.

E-Shave Razor & Brush Stand Nickel SZ:S

E-Shave Shaving Stands are the ideal way to display and maintain both your E-Shave Shaving Brush and E-Shave Razor. Elegance and whimsy blend beautifully in this creative sculpture that evokes a feeling of free-flowing movement