Captain Fawcett’s Traditional Alum Bar


Used by traditional barbers since time immemorial, Alum is a veritable shaving essential for the well-groomed Gentleman.

A natural mineral bar that both soothes & heals. Simply moisten the stone with cold water & smooth gently over your face to close pores & reduce razor burn.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Alum Bar.
  • A natural mineral that soothes and heals.
  • Presented in a handy little cotton drawstring bag.

Weight: 90g/3.17oz

Made in England.

Omega Potassium Alum Stick


Omega’s new alum stick is a traditional and all-natural product. A very handy tool for any shaver, the Omega Alum Stick has many uses to keep skin healthy and looking handsome after shaving. 

Key Features:

  • Apply the stick immediately after shaving to stop bleeding of small nicks or cuts.
  • Natural antiseptic to help prevent infection.
  • Tones the skin leaving it smooth and silky after shaving. 
  • Can also be used as a deodorant to eliminate odour.
  • Pure Natural Potassium Alum.
  • 60gr Alum block Stick.
  • Housed in a protective and hygienic tube for safe storage.
  • This cylinder alum block is more comfortable to apply due to its rounded shape.

Manufactured in Italy.

Laboratoires Osma Alum Block

Osma’s classic alum block is crafted using only natural ingredients.

Your customers will benefit from naturally-occurring antiseptic that makes for quick healing should nicks and cuts be incurred while shaving. Great item to have for sale at your shop’s retail counter.

Ingredients: 100% pure crystalline alum

Weight: 2.65oz (75g)
Manufactured in France.

Depot No. 410 Post-Shave Stick

Astringent stick for small problems post shaving.

The stick helps during the ritual of shaving with any problems caused by the razor on the skin. It is composed of two minerals known for their astringent and hemostatic effect.

Active Ingredient:

Potassium alum, mineral present in nature with an astringent action
Aluminum sulphate, astringent and perfuming

Depot No. 409 After Shave Astringent Stone

After shave alum stone.

The alum or potassium alum is a mixture of aluminum and potassium salt of sulfuric acid which at room temperature is presented as a colorless, solid, odorless and totally natural product. It is a perfect ally for after shaving thanks to the astringent and hemostatic capabilities. This natural mineral is also used as a natural hypoallergenic.

Active Ingredient:

Potassium alum, mineral present in nature with an astringent action

Edwin Jagger Antiseptic Alum Block

The Alum Block is named due to it being made with natural potassium alum. It works as an aftershave that also stops bleeding,cleans nicks caused during a shave and offers an instant relief from razor burn, irritation and cuts.

Weight: 1.9 oz./54g

British Barbers’ Association Shave Matches

Compact and convenient, these alum sticks tend to minor nicks and cuts, closing pores will provide the area with an anti-bacterial treatment.

How To Use:

  • Wet the match and apply to any nicks or irritated parts of your face and neck.

1 book of 20 alum sticks
Made in England